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Ship - Kancolle Wiki Marrying a ship will increase her HP , Luck , & level cap. The increase in level cap allows the ship to have higher Anti-Submarine , Evasion , & Line of Sight . Ship remodel. 改 (Kai), in Japanese, stands for Modified, Revised, Improved, or Altered. It's used on all single remodelled ships. ニ (Ni), in Japanese, stands for the number 2 or Second. It's applied in combination with 改 to ships ... Leon's Quick All-in-one Guide to KanColle | Facebook Leon's Quick All-in-one Guide to KanColle September 11, 2015 at 1:24 PM This guide is a quick alternative to the wiki, I've known a few who don't understand the wiki or are too damn lazy to read it. Ship Slots Kancolle - Ship Slots Kancolle. ship slots kancolle - Simplified resources: Kancolles four resources are simplified to Fuel and Gold in Azur Lane. Fuel is the only resource consumed in sorties while Gold is used for various things like upgrading equipment, limit breaking ships or buying things from shop.Nov 11, 2017 · Ive not bought a single port slot ...

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A ship slot is a spot occupied by a ship. Think of it as a docking space. A player only gets a limited number of ship slots and can therefore only have so many ships. A player begins with two ship slots but can get up to 14 (5 initial slots, 6 from promotions + 3 from accolades) ... Azur Lane Review (Gaming Vault) - Gaming Vault Customization and Building Ships. Each ship has 5 slots of gear to equip, ranging from dive bombers, anti-air guns to auxiliary. You can also change their equipment to your own preference or enhance them to increase their stats. Suggestion - Increase ship slot count | Pirates Forums I like the quest idea. Maybe we should have a poll about the increase of ship slots? (Just for fun/stats!) Maybe we could increase the slots to 6, one for each major island? have a different slot quest for each island. PR would still only have one quest, even with the two shipwrights. No mans sky: How To Get "More Inventory" Slots | More ...

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Other gameplay elements, like customizing a home and marrying in-game characters, are also present. Kantai Collection / That One Level - TV Tropes A page for describing ThatOneLevel: Kantai Collection. Over the long and arduous war that is waged between the fleet of shipgirls led by Admirals and the … Kantai Collection Four / Characters - TV Tropes

The surface firepower modifier applies to both shelling and torpedo attacks, but does not affect Aerial Combat or Anti-Submarine attacks.

Evasion is boosted exponentially based on a ship's Morale. 16.5% increase in the chance to achieve Great success in expeditions per ship with =>50 Morale (this increases the resources gain to 150% for that particular expedition and guarantees the second expedition item (on the right) if it has one). [News] Maximum ship slots increase in the update at 1/19 ... If you mean the maximum default, it is 100 but this is probably talking about the absolute maximum that you can obtain with money which is 270 total the last time I checked which is insane since there are "only" 167 ships. Ship Slots Kancolle - What does a typical day of a Slot ... Ship Slots Kancolle - What does a typical day of a Slot Machine Technician on-board a cruise ship look like? Cruise ship employment application form. Considering their low plane slots, avoid equipping Seaplane Bombers when dealing It also means that you are now preparing to take KanColle seriously and playing.

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No Man's Sky - How to Get more Ship Slots for Free! - YouTube Aug 15, 2016 · Here's a video with a quick tutorial on how to increase ship inventory for free. hope you like it! ;] Thanks to jordyvanhuissteden on Reddit for this Tip. How to Get more Ship Slots for Free ... Crunchyroll - "KanColle" Now Lets You Marry Your Ship Daughter Marriage will increase level to 100 and level cap to 150. Endurance, luck, and fuel & ammunition efficiency are improved for level 100 ships. Supply costs for the ship decreases by 15%. Kancolle Community |OT| - Torpedo Cruiser? I hardly knew Feb 05, 2018 · I prefer to farm for drops as it increase you ship experience as well instead of just gambling for certain ship to be constructed. Kongou sisters drop on pretty much on all maps in world 2 and above. Just need to continue on sorties and they will appear. Increasing my powergrid? - Skill Discussions - EVE Online